WoodBottom Quail Farms, LLC is a small family farm specializing in Coturnix quail. Started in rural Kentucky in 2015, WoodBottom Quail Farms believes in the local grown, small farm to table philosophy. All our animals are cage-free and are fed a diverse diet of green plants grown on the farm to supplement their normal diets. We currently have an ongoing daily quail egg production, offering both fertile and non-fertile eggs, as well as a small amount of chicken eggs. Hand-picked vegetables will be available as weather permits, as well as foraged seasonal mushrooms, hickory nuts, and persimmons. We are constantly expanding the variety of produce and other items we offer on the farm. It has been an exciting journey so far, and all of us here at WoodBottom Quail Farms are looking forward with excitement to the future as we expand with the addition of more quail and the installation of our new greenhouse, and all that it will offer.


-Quail eggs

-Chicken Eggs