New Pick Up Locations at Macaron Bar (Loveland) and The Gruff (Covington)!

Begin simplifying and strengthening the sale and purchase of top-quality local food. Select, order, and pay online, and pick up at a convenient location near you. First pick-up locations are in Northside (Northside Grange Pet and Urban Farm Supply ), Oakley (Oakley Wines), and Sharonville (My Artisano Foods), Hyde Park ( Keegan's Hyde Park), Covington, KY (The Gruff) and our new pick up spot in Loveland, (Macaron Bar).

The first time you use our online ordering system, you will need to register and create a username and password-for privacy reasons you will receive a confirmation email from "" with instructions you will need to follow.  After that, it's as simple as signing in.