Harvested to Order!

Cincinnati & Dayton: Sunday 8 pm for Tuesday Deliveries 8 pm Wednesday for Friday Deliveries

Louisville & Lexington: Sunday 8 pm for Tuesday PM Deliveries Coming Soon: Wednesday 8 pm for Friday PM Deliveries


If you are in the Cincinnati Region, Order Friday to Sunday 8pm for Tuesday deliveries, and Monday to Wednesday 8pm for Friday deliveries.

If you are in the Lexington and Louisville Regions, Order Friday to Sunday 8pm for Wednesday deliveries, and  coming soon, Monday to Wednesday 8pm for Saturday deliveries.

We are excited to begin simplifying and strengthening the sale and purchase of top-quality local food. 

The first time you use our online ordering system, you will need to register below ("Request an Account")  so you can create a username and password.  Within 5 minutes, look out for an email from service@localorbit.com and follow the instructions to confirm your account . After that it's as simple as signing in!

When you put in your order, under "Order Summary" please select either:

Pay by Credit Card (the number can remain associated with your account for future use but is not visible by us), or:

Pay by Purchase Order (Purchase Order Number is optional), to finalize your order.

Your order is confirmed with an email. If you do not receive an email, the order is not complete!

No delivery fees the first 30 days. $5 delivery fees downtown and $10 for others, for orders under $150, except for premium clients.

Get a Premium Client Status: Premium clients order on average over $300 per week. Premium clients do not get charged any delivery fees. Ever!