We cater to restaurants and premium retail stores and households: Enjoy local food at its finest prepared by our network of innovative restaurant partners or right in your home.  

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Thank you to this select group of clients that believe in sourcing quality products locally!

 We continue to grow our network of chef/farmer partners. Join us! 

We believe in the importance of a thriving local food economy.

- We connect farmers to a network of active wholesale buyers
- We provide chefs with a way to source top-quality local food
- We manage all customer service, ordering, and delivery

Local farmers and chefs bring health and culture to our region. We value what you do and want to see your businesses continue to grow and expand.

By making sourcing, selling, and distribution hassle-free, more farmers and chefs will be able to expand their participation in the Ohio valley food economy. 

 Local Food Connection was developed in collaboration with regional farmers and chefs. Our service has been defined by your problems, frustrations, and wishes. We are excited to help.


If you are a household, go to our Online Farmers' Market for Households and Employees where we connect you to a wide selection of locally grown and made ingredients. 




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